Lockdown 11th – 17th May

Lockdown 11th – 17th May

11th May – The temperature has dropped this week, overnight we went from shorts and T-shirts to winter coats, so not as much garden time. We ventured to the local golf course which opened itself up to the public for dog / family walks. Noah’s loves playing golf on the Wii and was amazed to be on a real life golf course 🙂


bramhall portrait photographer


12th may –Noah is not in a good place for schoolwork this week. even Laura is losing patience…..we gave up today! Typical for us, after our first venture to the golf course they have now announced that they will be open for golf as usual from tomorrow, so no more use of the grounds for walkers.

cheadle hulme portrait photographer cheadle hulme portrait photographer


13th may – Lev made a game of balancing between planks of decking and promptly slipped off the end. Obviously I had to keep shooting. He was fine 😬. Laura was less impressed!

14th May – We can go out in the car for a walk! So we did! We’ve never really headed to Poynton for a walk but now see that we have been missing out and will definitely be going again.


15th – My mum ordered the boys a toucan box, a craft set for kids.  The boys loved making and racing jellyfish. Laura worked in the afternoon so the boys and I went for a walk and said hello to the cows.

16th – The garden has been our project the past couple of years, and a new decking area has been a project of lockdown, today it was finally finished  (mostly)….We just need to save for a nice lounging corner sofa now! The boys got to work cleaning it ready for a picnic.


17th –  We made cinnamon swirls for breakfast. Slight mistake as the process took about 2.5 hours, it was nearly lunchtime by the time we ate them 😂.


Last week Noah came along with me to do some doorstep portraits and today he sold 2 images from my online gallery (thanks so much Becky + Owain)! He is so chuffed! After donating some of the money to charity he bought himself some magic cards, then insisted I go to the cash machine to get his money (don’t think he trusts me!).


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