6th – 12th April 2020

6th – 12th April 2020

6th – 12th April 2020


6th April – The Start of the Easter Holidays! We were hoping to go camping this week, the weather is looking good so we will enjoy outdoor life at home. Laura’s busy working in the office, so I did crafts / drawing with the boys then walked Quorra to the local field. One house near us has set up a small table at the end of their drive, leaving colouring sheets and sweets/ chocolates for passing children. Equipped with a glove, Noah grabbed some for him and Lev 🙂 .

Boris went into hospital last night, just a precaution they say.


7th April – Another beautiful day. We potted some more veg seeds and  filled the veg patch with soil ready for our mega crop :-). We’re currently potty training Lev, today was a very messy day!

Laura cut Quorra’s hair with the dog clippers. Quorra absolutely hates the process, it takes about 1.5 hours!

Boris moved into intensive care last night, again another precaution they say.


8th April – I ventured to Tesco for a big shop. I got their relatively early and didn’t have to queue. Most items back in stock. They have put a one way system in place, however lot’s of people didn’t seem to understand the principle of it.

More garden games for the boys whilst I built the last section of garden fence.


9th April -We made a lemon drizzle cake today. It was goooood! Later I made a Lamb tagine on the BBQ. Noah enjoyed joining in the weekly NHS clap. Every Thursday at 8pm we can hear the fireworks going off, and more neighbours seem to be involved each week.

Death toll risen by 881 in the UK (the number does not include non-hospital deaths)…New’s still all about Boris, moved from intensive care this evening.


10th April – The two-man pop up tent Laura and I used to go camping in made an appearance in the garden. Who needs a campsite!

Blogged Alina and Adel’s London wedding.


11th April – We ate Ice cream, made papier-mâché Easter eggs, built a crazy golf course and the boys danced in the garden whilst Laura and I drank Prosecco in the sun. A good day.


12th April – Easter Sunday! Noah’s been very excited about today. He’s a chocoholic. In fact we all are in this house! Mini Easter Egg hunt in the garden, followed by a dog walk spotting rainbows, easter eggs and teddy bears. We found 135 🌈


  1. Lyndsey 3 years ago

    Absolutely love this Adam, the photos are (unsurprisingly) brilliant, and I love the concept of keeping this visual diary whilst all this weirdness unfolds. How strange it will be to look back on it all once we are allowed to move freely in the world again.

    Particularly love the b&w of Noah reading a book (Lev’s face!!!)

    • Author
      adampriley 3 years ago

      Thanks Lyndsey! Yeah, it’s strange how quickly things seem normal, keen to document it for us and the boys to remember these times.

  2. Helen Jay 3 years ago

    Fab photos Adam!! We are looking forward to some of your lamb tagine in the summer ✌️

    The Jays x

    • Author
      adampriley 3 years ago

      Definitely!! 🙂

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