Lockdown 25th – 31st May

Lockdown 25th – 31st May

25th May – Bank holiday Monday kicked off a week of beautiful sunshine, lots of walks and playing in the garden.



26th May – Half term, so we don’t have to fight Noah to do school work this week. Found out today that although Noah is year 1, he won’t be going back to his school anytime soon as they are prioritising reception. Noah thinks this is great news and Laura admitted that she would have felt the same when she was younger. Noah’s weekly letter from his Poppa challenged him to write a story that included different elements set by his Nanny and Poppa, for once he was (slightly) excited to do some writing.




27th May –  Tadpole spotting at Happy Valley this morning, the willow trees were snowing fluff down through the air – snow in summertime! Two very happy little boys today as we got a new paddling pool to replace our sorry looking deflating one. Later on we were outside looking for the space station (too bright) in prep for watching the space rocket. Noah was very excited to see the rocket and was staying up late, he was disappointed when the mission was cancelled due to bad weather at the launch site.

I had been due to be in Paris today shooting the wedding of Brianne and Arthur, looking forward to photographing it next year.





28th May – Another day spent in the garden, this time with the addition of a water balloon fight. I’m not sure who enjoys the water fights the most, the boys or Quorra!…or possibly Laura, she always manages to nab the supersoaker! The veg patch is looking good and the rainbow chard was ready to be picked today, we enjoyed a couple of leaves with dinner and Noah declared it was ‘the best chard ever’! (not that he’s ever eaten it before!). As with every Thursday we ventured outside to clap for the key workers, looks like this week is to be the last. In other news Lev has taken to wearing a pair of underpants on his head each evening…




29th May – An early morning walk to feed the ducklings at Bramhall Park today, we were trying to avoid the crowds but it was still quite busy. We have definitely noticed the difference this week in peoples behaviour, with less attention being paid to social distancing. Back home for more paddling pool fun and water fights.


30th May – Another Saturday in which I should be working. Really gutted to be missing all these sunny weddings, but all the couples I’m shooting for have been so great with finding new dates,  today’s wedding of Alex and Alex has been moved to next July. Instead, another day of waterfights and sunshine is on the cards.

With weddings postponed for most of the year, I’m doing more documentary family shoots, taking bookings now if you want me to document your family when lockdown restrictions ease. 😁



31st May –   Another early start for a family walk out to Marple, we had great fun climbing trees and skimming stones in the river. Noah even found some ‘treasure’ (old bits of pottery). Back at home we are still working on the back garden, painting the woodwork on the garage, Noah helped to power wash down the front ready for painting. We have promised the boys that they could camp one day this week, so tonight the tent came out and we had a camp fire and hot chocolate before the boys snuggled down together.


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