27th April – 3rd May

27th April – 3rd May

27th April – 3rd May

27th April – Groundhog week again. Highlights of the day were Date milkshakes (surprisingly tasty), and setting Noah loose on the car with the powerwasher. First time we’ve ever washed this car!


28th April – Noah’s not keen on schoolwork this week, Laura’s been super patient! His work is getting marked online daily by his teachers, so that’s motivating him somewhat. We had our first try at making Sushi for lunch (veg Sushi is one of Noah’s fav meals), they didn’t look the best, but tasted nice!


29th April – Still making sure we get the boys out and about despite the change in weather. We created some nature cards filled with objects Noah and Lev could spot on our walk. The boys were excited to find most on the list, including lots of Tadpoles and a Newt.


30th April – Family bike ride to Bramhall Park, the boys brought some porridge oaks along for the ducklings.

1st May – Did some work today, blogged Eunice + Paul’s wedding from September 2018, feel free to check it out. This will be the longest I’ve gone without shooting a wedding in 10 years, feels very weird.

Noah’s schoolteachers sent a slideshow message to the children. The staff holding up cards saying how much they were missing the children and looking forward to seeing them again. Laura heard it was available by the mum’s WhatsApp with a warning that tissues might be needed! Noah has watched it a good few times this week.

Watched Jumanji 2 and treated ourselves to Friday night Papa Johns pizza (+ giant chocolate chip cookie). Prosecco too, obviously.


2nd May – Started the day with early morning Pigs in Pants and Dobble, both games are favourites of Noahs at the moment and keeping the boys entertained. In the evening we played Drawful 2 via jackbox with friends, everyone can sign in remotely via their phone and play in real time. Great fun!


3rd May – Sunday Waffles and Maple Syrup. I’ve been building decking in the garden (keeping myself occupied!) and I got on with this between games of tennis with Noah.


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