1st – 7th June

1st – 7th June

Lockdown – 1st – 7th June


1st June – Today’s the first day we are allowed visitors, socially distanced and in the garden. “Today is the BEST DAY EVER”, better than Christmas and my birthday”, so said Noah after a surprise garden visit at our house by Nanny and Poppa.

2nd June –  Think Laura’s getting fed up of me taking photos!

In the afternoon the surprises continued as we took the boys to see my mum and step-dad for a garden visit, they loved seeing them both and playing football in their garden! Hopefully we will be able to continue doing garden visits now.


3rd June – Goodbye sunshine. Hello rain.

Quorra was limping a bit after our walk. Lev went and got his Doctors / vets kit and the boys got to work wrapping her in a blanket and giving fake injections / haircuts. Poor Quorra!


4th June -Nothing to recall about this day, another groundhog day. Laura getting arrested as a skeleton, as per usual.


5th June -The R number (the average number of people 1 person would infect) has risen above 1 in the North West….not good news and looking unlikely Noah will return to school before September now.

Another dog walk by the river in Marple today.


6th June –  Noah and Lev have been doing doing lots of Draw with Rob on youtube (check it out if you have kids) today we walked to Bramhall and treated them to a couple of his books (Odd dog out + Kevin). We got soaked in the process!


7th June – We’ve gone from Prosecco weather to heating on and red wine weather! Another rainy day spent mostly indoors. Laura confused the boys by wearing something other than sweatpants, they wanted to know where she was going 😂. They also decided to dress up…as Buzz and Spiderman.


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