16th – 22nd March

16th – 22nd March

So this week Covid-19 really impacted us all. I’ve got at least a few months ahead of me with no work. No need to get my camera out.  I should be heading into the busiest time of year shooting weddings and documenting families. I’m generally a glass half full person and I’m going to use the time to work on my business, spend time with the family and get some DIY finished in the garden! Maybe play some PS4 too.

But I still need to take photos, it’s part of who I am and a great way to add purpose to each day. I’m going to try to document our family during these crazy times and hope to write a post / share some photos each week. It will be something for our boys to look back on and see what home life was like during these extraordinary times, and let’s my mum see what we’ve been uoto. There is a good chance I’ll run out of interesting images, as we inevitably fall into the same routine but that’s the challenge of photography I love!

Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd March

16th – Boris Johnson delivered his 1st daily update. Everyone in the UK should avoid “non-essential” travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus. I chatted to all couples with weddings until the end of June. All super nice and worried about me / my business as much as themselves, all these weddings likely to be postponed. I will be rescheduling weddings in the coming days / weeks. All commercial and portrait shoots cancelled. Laura’s also self employed, she has work for this week, but then we will have to see.

17th – Today’s headline “Change course, or a quarter of a million people will die in a “catastrophic epidemic” of coronavirus”. Noah’s still at school and Lev at nursery.   I was supposed to deliver a wedding photography training course in London today. This was cancelled last week so I decided to drive into Manchester to check out the city (staying 2m away from everyone!) and get some street photography (something I found difficult whilst keeping my distance). Much quieter than usual, but still a good amount of people around. Skipped gym for the first time, and went for a bike ride with Laura instead. I managed to get a puncture when nearly home, typical!

18th –  Went for the weekly shop. Tesco’s shelves even emptier than the last visit. No eggs, bread, flour, meat, loo roll etc. Boris announced today that schools will be closing on Friday, we have seen this coming since the start of the week, about time really. People still social distancing. Advice not to go to pubs or restaurants, but nothing forced to close.

19th  – Kept Lev off nursery today in light of schools closing at the end of week announcement. Noah at School.

20th –  Walked Noah to school today, his last day for who knows how long. It was an emotional day for all, chatting with Noah at bedtime he said he felt like he wanted to cry when he left school. He also worries about his grandparents and when he will see them. As soon as the news is on he comes over to try and figure out what’s happening. School has told him some covid-19 news, as have we but it’s difficult to know how to fully explain without worrying him. He knows to wash his hands and that we now need to stay at home most of the time, but it’s difficult time for him as he is very aware. Video call to Nanny + Poppa which the boys enjoyed. Looks like that’s our communication method for the foreseeable future. Found out at 5pm that all restaurant and bars to be shut tonight. All employed to receive 80% pay if they lose their work. Self employed only entitled to about £114 pw 😩.

Noah’s last trip to school before closure

21st –  We decided to try and avoid people on our dog walk by going to the beach. Talacre beach in Wales was fairly quiet, but getting busier when we left at lunchtime. Managed to stay away from everyone. Cooked and dropped  (on the doorstep) cottage pie off for friends self isolating due to Corona symptoms, kids had to wave at each other through the window, feels very strange. In preparation for tomorrow (Mother’s day), dropped card and presents on mum’s doorstep. She opened Noah’s school made present (key-ring) whilst he watched from the end of the drive ☹️.

22nd –  Mother’s Day. Boys helped me make waffles. Then surprised mummy with Waffles + card / presents in bed. Plan was to all go for a walk, but as it was a beautiful Sunny day we figured there would be lots of people around, so I walked Quorra in the local field, very quiet.  At home we spent lots of time in the garden. Planted seeds in the veg bed, cutting the lawn and enjoying the sunshine. Finished Mother’s Day with Sunday roast cooked on the BBQ.



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