20th – 26th April

20th – 26th April

20th – 26th April

20th April – Back to school this week. Laura is the teacher in charge and has more patience than me, all work completed in record time. Noah asked us to order a laminator with his Easter money from grandparents, he’s been asking about it every day and it finally arrived! Lamination, commence!


21st April. Schoolwork for Noah in the morning. Then we took Noah to the field and had a game of rounders. It’s looking like a beautiful sunny week, the afternoon was spent on the garden, Noah enjoyed helping me cut the lawn.


22nd April – After completing schoolwork, Noah went into full Paul Daniels mode. He’s loving his magic at the moment and is now into trying card tricks after watching Dynamo. He performed a couple of his favourites to his Nanny and Poppa via video call. Finished the day with a waterfight, Lev loved it!


23rd April–  Ventured to B&Q to get some building supplies. I’m building a frame for a new section of decking. Lev thought I was building him a gravel pit to play in.  We made bedroom tents for the boys to sleep in, and the pop up tent made another appearance in the garden.

Noah and Lev used their instruments to help us make lots of noise for the NHS at 8pm.


24th April – I premiered our 2019 highlights movie!  Something I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. Annually I edit together images and videos from the previous year, creating a little video of our adventures, I’ve posted a cut down 5 minute version at the bottom of this post.

Most of the day was in the garden again. We made it to Friday without Prosecco, time for a couple of bottles! Capped off the day with a fire and  overnight camping in the garden. Lev was taken to bed at 8pm for unruly behaviour, but Noah and I camped all night he loved it! 

25th April – Up early in the tent with a slight hangover (I can’t hack it anymore). Today Noah got to choose anything at all for breakfast for doing so well with his schoolwork. He wanted a breakfast buffet like we had on holiday…the buffet consisted of M&S yumnuts (you have to try them!), chocolate muffins, pain au chocolates and a sprinkling of fruit to make it healthy.

Later in the day whilst walking Quorra, Noah declared he “hates the virus, this is the worse time of my life” – he’s missing everyone.

26th April – More lounging  in the garden. Sunday dinner cooked on the BBQ. Week 5 of lockdown complete.


Our 2019 video…

2019 from Adam Riley Photography on Vimeo.



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