13th – 19th April

13th – 19th April

13th – 19th April

13th April –  Easter Monday. Every day is currently like a bank holiday, but we started the day with waffles and maple syrup anyway! Laura built a paper shark (the only member of the family with the patience to do it) whilst Noah and I made slime.


14th April – Homemade pecan, walnut, crunchie + twirl ice-cream was the highlight of the day. Basically just lazed in the garden all day.


15th April –  Noah wrote his weekly letter to Nanny and Poppa. Later we ventured out on a family bike ride.


16th April – Noah got his cookbook out and decided to make eggy bread. He’s getting to be a good little cook. After making enough for 6 people, he decided he didn’t like it. Lev ate 1 and I consumed the rest.

I found Laura looking a little emotional on the sofa…she was watching Captain Tom Moore complete his 100th lap of the garden- how amazing is he!

Put the tent up in the garden for the boys and Laura and I drank Prosecco (again, I know). A couple of large army planes taking off from Manchester airport, noticeable in the unusually quite sky.

Found out at least another 3 weeks of lockdown ahead of us.


17th April – Realised I don’t bother to read or watch the news anymore, just headline notifications on my watch with the latest developments.

18th April –   Noah decided he’d like to make cupcakes filled with jellybeans, Laura and the boys got on this whilst I took Quorra on a 2 hour bike ride, she needed a good run! Today was the birthday of our niece and nephew, so facetime chats and a virtual disco dressed as a policeman and spider-man (the boys in case you were wondering). We enjoyed the conga, aga-doo and lots of cake!


19th April – Noah made himself a bird watching booklet and went ‘twitching’ whilst we walked Quorra. Noah predicted he was going to see a heron which we scoffed at seeing as we were walking the bike path near a main road. Obviously we then saw one…possibly even two (unless it was the same one). Easter holidays over, back to home schooling tomorrow.


  1. Lyndsey 3 years ago

    I think these posts are the highlight of my week at the moment. You and Laura are doing some pretty aspirational living with all this Prosecco quaffing in the garden. Amazing photos capturing the mundanity, the beauty and the simplicity of life right now.

    • Author
      adampriley 3 years ago

      Prosecco aspirational living is what we’re aiming for

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