30th March – 5th April

30th March – 5th April

30th March – 5th April

30th March – Started the day in a virtual queue at Tesco online. Mission complete at 01:15am. Have to wait 3 weeks  for delivery though.  For most of the day the boiler was not working so we all dressed in layers!  Our friend had a baby boy, a difficult time to have a baby, grandparents had to say hello to the new addition through the window.

Laura temporarily fixed the boiler with some PFTE and electrical tape, we can all get was washed now.


31st March – Made iced fingers with the boys, turned out tasty! Laura’s busy working all week, so Daddy teacher time! Managed to get Noah to do some school work, but he’s not the ideal pupil (and I’m not the most patient teacher). Noah’s school class did group zoom for his friends birthday, a little bit mayhem, but they all sang happy birthday and he loved seeing his friends.


1st april – April fools day. Noah mainly spread fake poo, vomit and flies about the house. We made a dragon and used a box with dried spaghetti / cheerios to keep Lev entertained for a while!  My niece Scarlett was on TV news for meeting the Stockport Spider-Man, one of a group of people dressed up as superheros whilst doing their daily exercise. She also saw batman riding his bike and Captain America walking his dog 😂.

Finally getting my wedding blogging together, published Dan and Jen’s awesome day from 2018.

2nd April – We made some old school treasure maps using teabags and burning the paper edges. Highlight of the week for Noah as his policeman outift arrived. I got arrested most of the day.

Properly introduced Noah to the the Simpsons on Disney +, he loves it.  My life used to revolve around the Simpsons on TV, I’ve never watched them in order before!

Today would have been Noahs school disco, instead we had a mini one in his room. Laura won musical bumps, apparently she never loses.

3rd April  –  I mainly argued with Noah,  trying to get him to read some of his book.


4th April – Keeping to our weekend ritual, I made waffles. Morning run / dog walk followed by  drawing and painting with boys. Noah’s favourite TV programme is Saturday night take away, he’s gutted it was the last episode of the series tonight.

5th April – Laura’s been working most of the weekend, but took the afternoon off. We put the small  bouncy castle up in the garden and the boys loved it. Finished the day with a BBQ.


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