23rd – 29th March

23rd – 29th March

Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th March

23rd – 1st day of home schooling, it’s going to be interesting! We started with a PE lesson Joe Wicks workout at 9am live, the boys loved it. Even if you don’t have kids, give it a go!  Noah created a school timetable, we’ve tried to make it as fun as possible and not very full on. After P.E, science was next, digging up worms in the garden for Noah’s worm museum.  I did some work admin when time allowed whilst the boys played in the garden,  such lovely warm weather.

At 20:30 Boris announced  lockdown. Only allowed outside of house for 1 form of exercise, essential work + to get essential food. Groups of more than 2 not allowed.  First evening in a while we didn’t open a bottle of wine!


24th – All did JW workout on youtube again. I went for run with Quorra. People actively keeping far away from each other. Keeping schoolwork low at the moment and enjoying family time / sun in the garden. Noah, Laura and lev did some art, whilst I did some business admin. The boys received an email letter from their Nanny and Poppa, which Noah read with great interest. Later on the boys painted a rainbow on the window to spread cheer.



25th – Early morning spelling work Noah, it seems we aren’t the only ones to be starting lessons early as Laura tells me of other mum’s who have their kids asking what the first lesson of the day is at 7am! Joe Wicks workout again. Then the highlight of the week (or potentially the next 3-4 weeks given the lack of availability)….the food shopping arrived! Knock a door run played by the delivery drivers, all very strange!

The boys are loving the family / outdoor time, and so are we. The sudden arrival of warm sunny weather the past week definitely helps in the current situation. We all ventured to the local field to walk Quorra and then did art in the garden  + some maths before cooking tea. Noah wrote letters to a couple of neighbours offering help (his own idea!).  

Decided to try and learn to draw…didn’t take me long to remember I can’t draw, but I will persevere with YouTube as my guide!


26th – My birthday! Awesome home made cards from boys. Off his own back Noah wrapped up some loo roll and thought it was hilarious as a present. I got booze and books from Laura and the boys, just what I need to see me through!

We all had a day off, no schoolwork and just chilling. In the afternoon Laura organised a garden tea party with Prosecco whilst I ordered some art pencils for my learning to draw plan.

Learnt from 5pm briefing that I should be getting some form of pay from the government whilst my work is not going ahead. Will probably have to wait 2-3 months though. Not such good news for similar small businesses that are Ltd companies.

27th – Laura’s working today. Noah did maths in office and enjoyed working at the big desk. It’s been a difficult week with him, a bit grumpy / tantrum prone, to be expected but hard work!

28th – Weekend. Just like any other day. Find things to do in the house, Noah choose home made bread sticks as todays kitchen activity. We subscribed to Disney+, kids loving the films, I’m excited for the Mandalorian.


29th –   8am, best lie in for a long time, boys not awake yet! Then Laura reminded me the clocks have changed 😩.  For the first time in 10 years living in this house I realised it’s completely silent outside. We live near the airport and close to a main road, so the background drum of traffic is usually constant. It’s going to sound loud when the world is normal again!  Introduced Noah to Star Wars BattleFront 2 on the PS4, he loves being Darth Vader and killing me! 

At bed time Noah told Laura he’s upset and missing friends, teachers, swimming etc. Talk of this situation lasting 6 months!

Just before bed the boiler started to leak 😩.

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  1. Dan 3 years ago

    Love Lev skipping down the hall

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